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About Us

About Us

SAYSO has set up since 2005, mainly in wedding makeup and hairdo. We want to emphasize how important is to remember that, makeup is meant to be beautiful. And beautiful makeup is all about the colors you use and where you place them. It should be used to accentuate and highlight your best features. Not only making you flawless, also focus on your best and the most beautiful features.


Our bridal makeup stylist team, Florence, Margaret, Carmen, Jess, Vincy, Yoppy and Amelie are all expert in tailor made your bridal images. We are together because we have the same makeup style and we see makeup in the same way.


We believe Simplicity is the Keynote of All True Elegance.

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makeup artistes

senior stylists

Sayso Florence
Sayso Margaret
Sayso Carmen
Sayso Jess

the founder of SAYSO

Florence is an experienced makeup stylist with working experiences for over a decade. 

With her strong passion in styling and expertise knowledge on bridal image, she founded a bridal makeup company, 


In the past 12 years, SAYSO has served over 1,200 brides. Florence believes in her philosophy where “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” which is exactly the focus of modern bridal image.

Margaret believes that life is full of beauty. She loves to notice the little things in daily life. Her sense of aesthetic come from her 5 years of fine art training and her passion for living her life in art.


She sees makeup not only as a form of art, it is also a way to manifest the unique inner beauty of a woman.


When not working on makeup, Margaret enjoys art making, dancing, yoga and spending time in nature.

Jess’s approach to make-up is considerate, calm and professional, allowing brides to fully relax and enjoy the pampering on their special day. She believes that bridal makeup should be flawless, elegant, timeless and should be worn to enhance your natural beauty, not change how you look or who you are.

Jess has a strong passion for what her do, she is constantly updating herself on the latest trends, products and techniques to bring our customers the best of the beauty and bridal style.

She is a very friendly and warm person, any client would find her very approachable and accommodating.

bridal makeup artistes

Sayso Vincy

" I love drawing when i was young. I have been learning portrait drawing since 2003. Makeup is something like drawings to me, bringing up people's prettiest beauty is even more interesting and challenging. I am happy to help people looking the best of they are and I earn a lot of satisfaction from it too.

In the past few years of working for Sayso bridal makeup, I figured out my personal style and my way on makeup style- "Be yourself, simplicity, timeless", i believe this is the best way to keep your wedding memory evergreen and it would not be regretted."


by Vincy

Sayso Yoppy

" My first contact with makeup artist is for the makeup service of my wedding! My impression towards makeup artiste is the feeling of happiness, elegance and beauty, and later on I decided to be a makeup artiste!

Practice makes perfect, this saying always holds true. I’ve built up my professional techniques and beauty senses through valuable working

experiences, I become more mature in makeup styling and I'm really proud of


Now I have been working on wedding makeup with Sayso for over five years! I am advocating a natural makeup and simple elegant bridal styling, because I believe this is more attractive! I hope you like my makeup styling! "

by Yoppy

Sayso Amelie

Makeup is a visual art which demonstrates beauty, attractiveness and personality of a person. Amelie believes beauty is "Simplicity with Originality", and her way is to boost the charm and bring out the own special beauty in every girl through simple, natural and elegant makeup. Regardless of what’s in or what goes out, a simple makeup that shows the original character never get old and last forever.


Amelie is familiar with makeup and hairdo techniques for bridal, day, and evening occasions. She is well aware of current trends in skincare, cosmetics and makeup industry, and willing to advise on clients’ needs.

makeup artistes

Sayso Kimmy
Sayso Jaymee
Sayso Charisse
Sayso Wendy

SAYSO studio manager


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Rm 404B, 4/F., Koon Fook Centre, 9 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui.


Tel / Whatsapps : 6055 3057

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